Monday, November 16, 2009

PD from October 30th

Last PD I talked to two ladies; Alicia and Beverly. Here's what they had to say:

Beverly is a retired african american woman that has been living in the shelter since last December. She's been looking for an apartment with cheap rent but usually settles with hotels. She told me she worked at the correctional facility and a hospital before. What fascinates me is that she mentioned that she enrolled into Wayne State University in 1972. For whatever reason, she didnt really mention why, she graduated in 2003 in anthropology and sociology. She pulled out a picture of her graduation with a note on the back from her daughter. I asked her if she has any children and she said, "No. Well, none that are actually living anymore."

Alicia is another african american woman that recently resorted to a homeless shelter. Due to lack of funds she had been evicted from her apartment. She's looking for work and I asked her what type of job she'd like to have and she responded, clerical. She told me she has two sons that live in Lansing; one is 27 and the other is 21. I asked her what she thought of the shelter and it was apparent that she highly dislikes it. She looked really depressed...

Something to think about and hopefully build off to come up with something that can better their lives....

Hopefully, I'll hear from all of you soon.


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